In the list below you can “check” our publications that have been “made” as part of the Innobrane concept. For other publications by “members of” our group, you can follow the personal academic websites in About Us section.

1. Performance Evaluation of Ceramic Membrane on Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration Modes for Efficient Recovery of Whey Protein (2020)
S. A. Al-Mutwalli, M. Dilaver, D. Y. Koseoglu-Imer, Journal of Membrane Science and Research 6 (2), 138-146.

2. Design and fabrication of nano-engineered electrospun filter media with cellulose nanocrystal for toluene adsorption from indoor air (2021)
E. Buyukada-Kesici, E. Gezmis-Yavuz, D. Aydin, C. E. Cansoy, K. Alp, D.Y. Koseoglu-Imer, Materials Science and Engineering: B, Volume 264, February 2021, 114953

3. Enzymatic Degradation of Industrial Wastewater Pollutants (2021)
S. Al-Mutwalli, S. Korkut, M. S. Kilic, D. Y. Imer, Removal of Emerging Contaminants Through Microbial Processes, Springer, 373-398.

4. Effect of temperature and module configuration on membrane fouling and end-product quality of acidic whey using ceramic ultrafiltration membrane (2021)
S. Al-Mutwalli, M. Dilaver, D. Y. Koseoglu-Imer, doi: 10.22079/JMSR.2021.521258.1428, in press.

5. Potentials and performance of biological processes for treatment of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in wastewater (2021)
M. N. Taher, S. A. Al-Mutwalli, T. Sapmaz, D. Y. Koseoglu-Imer, The Future of Effluent Treatment Plants, Biological Treatment Systems, 2021, Pages 523-550.