Innovative and Sustainable
Membrane Solutions for
Green Future

New perspectives in membrane materials and
membrane-based technologies with
circular thinking and holistic approach


Innobrane is an academic research group working on the development of membrane science and technology with innovative and sustainable solutions. Our project group focuses on the fabrication of innovative and specialised membranes and the implementation of membrane-based technologies in specific applications with a multidisciplinary approach.

Our mission is to provide an excellent educational and research experience in membrane science by fostering a team spirit that promotes new perspectives with circular thinking and holistic approach. Innobrane believes in collaborating with academic research groups and industrial partners to build strong scientific networks that share visions for a sustainable, clean and green environment.

In our work we try to bring a new perspective to membrane processes. To achieve this, we strive to use fewer petroleum-derived chemicals in the manufacture of membranes, replace hazardous materials with more environmentally friendly and bio-based alternatives, prioritize waste management in our studies and generate less waste, and produce new recyclable or reusable membranes.


  • Material


    Selection of membrane materials / additives

  • Fabrication


    Fabrication and characterization of membranes

  • Design


    Membrane System Design

  • End Product

    End Product

    Innovative Membrane Based Technologies